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Special Areas


  • Kim Hann 

  • Jessica Long (Thursdays only)


  • Andrea Topping

  • Lisa Geschwilm (Wednesday only)


  • Sue Foote

Physical Education:

  • Jody Walter

  • Chris Vaughn


  • Joe Meerdter

  • Kim Rees (instrumental -  Monday & Thursday only)

  • Amanda Basford (vocal music - Monday only)

  • Basil Davis (instrumental - Friday only)

Music Department

Welcome to Ebb Valley’s
Music Department!


Mr. Meerdter -Vocal Music 

Mrs. Rees-Instrumental Music 


 Site Updated:11/8/18


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If you have any questions, I have found that e-mail works best to contact me as I am in class most of the day, feel free to contact me at:


Phone: 410-386-1550

Website: Please check often for important information and updates

Thank you, and have a wonderful year!

Mr. Meerdter

Thank you for visiting Ebb Valley’s Music Homepage. Please be sure to check back often as important information is posted here and updated frequently.


Instrumental Music “Supply” List

Ebb Valley Elementary (410-386-1550)  - Mrs. Rees, Instrumental Music Teacher (


Please try to secure the instrument highlighted below, as well as the additional supplies listed to ensure a successful start for your child. Lessons will begin in September. A lesson schedule is attached indicating the start time of your child’s lesson. Lesson schedules will also be posted in your child’s classroom, in the 4th/5th grade hallway, and outside the instrumental music room. If you have difficulty obtaining the instrument by this date, please have your child attend the lesson anyway so he/she does not fall behind! Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns.


VIOLIN, VIOLA, CELLO                                                     TRUMPET, BARITONE (B.C.)

- Fitted Instrument                                                                - Instrument

- Fine Tuners on each string (except Cello)                      - Valve Oil, Tuning Slide Grease

- Rosin                                                                                    - Mouthpiece Brush

- Shoulder Pad (violin & viola)                                            - Cleaning Snake

Essential Elements 2000 for Strings, Book 1               - Essential Elements 2000, Book 1

- Music Stand for home practice                                        - Music Stand for home practice


FLUTE                                                                                   FRENCH HORN

- Instrument                                                                            - Instrument

- Polishing Cloth, Tuning Rod                                              - Rotor Oil, Tuning Slide Grease  

Essential Elements 2000, Book 1                               - Mouthpiece Brush

- Music Stand for home practice                                         - Essential Elements 2000, Book 1

                                                                                          - Music Stand for home practice


OBOE                                                                                                TROMBONE  

- Instrument                                                                            - Instrument

- 2 Reeds (soft strength)                                                      - Slide Oil, Tuning Slide Grease

- Cleaning Swab                                                                  - Mouthpiece Brush

Essential Elements 2000, Book 1                                   - Cleaning Snake

- Music Stand for home practice                                         - Essential Elements 2000, Book 1

- Empty Film Canister for soaking reeds                           - Music Stand for home practice


CLARINET, SAXOPHONE                                                PERCUSSION

- Instrument                                                                            - Bell Kit (should include a bell set

- 4 Good Reeds (1 ½ strength for clarinet;                    and stand, hard practice pad, 2B

         2 strength for saxophone)                                                  drum sticks, hard rubber mallets)

- Cork Grease, Cleaning Swab                                           - Essential Elements 2000, Book 1

Essential Elements 2000, Book 1                                          (for Combined Percussion)

- Music Stand for home practice                                         - Music Stand for home practice


Click Here for a printable version of this list.

Here are the required books:

Essential Elements 2000 for Strings. By: Michael Allen, Robert Gillespie, Pamela Hayes.  Hal Leonard Corporation. Publication date: 2001.


Essential Elements 2000: Comprehensive Band Method. By: Tim Lautzenheiser, et al. Hal Leonard Corporation. Publication date: 1999.

 Vocal/General Music “Supply” List

 All 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders will need to purchase a soprano recorder.  This will not be used until January.  Please purchase the recorder from a music store as "Five Below" and "Wal*Mart" / dollar store brands are not correctly tuned.  These are meant as toys, not instruments.  Places to purchase your recorder:

Coffey Music, Hess Music, Stu's Music, Link's Music


Here are some resources for students and parents which reinforces musical concepts. There are a lot of fun activities and games to help children discover the wonderful musical world! Be sure to check out how music study can actually increase brain capacity!

Fun with Music

NY Philharmonic Kids Zone

Fun Games, Activities, Puzzles, and more…

Note Trainer Game

Keyboard Trainer Game

Learn about Key Signatures

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