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PBIS Explained

PBIS Mission:

  • Maximize student achievement by teaching and reinforcing pro-social behaviors/skills and maintaining a climate of high standards of conduct throughout our school.

What is PBIS?:

  • A positive behavior management system designed to improve academic and behavioral success. A set of established school-wide behavioral expectations that are taught, modeled and recognized. It includes processes and procedures for intervention. It celebrates individual and school-wide behavioral and academic achievement.

PBIS Interventions:

  • When students are not experiencing success in the classroom, a plan of action is developed that is appropriate for the specific students and the specific behavior.
  • Some student interventions may include:
    • Redirection from the teacher. (Verbally or nonverbally)
    • Think time in the calm area within the classroom.
    • Stop and Think Worksheet completed in the quiet space within the classroom. This will be sent home for signature and provide parents with communication regarding behavior.
    • Teacher-student, teacher-parent, and/or teacher-parent-student conference.
    • Support Room visit.
    • Meeting with School Counselor
    • An Administration Referral
    •  A customized behavior plan such as an Student Support Plan
    • Student entered into our Check in/Check out mentoring program
    • Referrals for other appropriate school related services or to Community agencies.

Recognition of Positive Behavior:

  • When a student exhibits one of the Eagle Pride behaviors he or she may be given an “Eagle Feather" aka "Dojo Point."  Eagle Feathers may be given to any student, by any staff member, in multiple areas of the school building. Feathers may be cashed into the PBIS Eagle Store for prizes and privileges. Prizes may come in the form of fun school supplies whereas privileges may be having lunch with their teacher, etc.
  • Teachers will also nominate students from their homerooms each quarter who have displayed the most eagle pride. These most respectful, most responsible, and most ready to learn students receive a certificate, magnet and their picture on the Wall of Fame in the main lobby of our school. 

    The Eagle Pride Behaviors: Responsible, Respectful, and Ready to Learn